Strong Analytics Review 2021: The Correct Way to Increase Your Custom?

Strong Analytics is a leading provider of quality AI software and solutions. A team of Ph.D. trained data scientists uses this AI to service a number of industries, such as automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, and pharma, but this review will focus only on the email marketing options.

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    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/02/2021

    Strong Analytics in a nutshell

    Free Plan: No
    User Accounts: Options for Multiple
    Segmentation and Geo: Yes
    Delivery by Time zone: Yes
    Free Trial: No
    Means of Use: Mobile, Tablet, Computer
    Industry: Communication, eCommerce, Advertising

    Key features and workflows

    Creating Email Campaigns and Managing

    The following can be used to run your campaigns.

    Emails sent/opened and links clicked

    Every hyperlink and widget in a sent email will be tracked

    Deliverability rate and delivery by time zone (spam)

    Automate delivery times based on customer’s locations

    Creating and importing email lists

    You can upload contact lists regardless of their size

    Split tests and A/B tests

    Multivariate testing allows you to compare similar emails for the optimal response


    The AI will automatically determine which are your most valuable customers, and you can customize their messages

    Reporting and Analysis

    A continuously learning review section lets you action the most learned data.

    Engagement reports (Email open rate and CR tracking)

    You can assess the success of any of your previous campaigns here


    By implementing customer segmentation you can personalize marketing

    Social media tracking

    There are some options for optimizing cross-platform campaigns

    ROI analysis 

    You’re able to analyze previous ROIs and predict for the future


    Strangely, while there’s plenty of information about the AI and which brands use this service, there’s no mention anywhere of integration options. It isn’t clear if you can utilize an API to control programming, if any popular CRM or social media integrations are available, or even what apps or plugins you can sync with. For more information, you'll need to contact this provider directly.


    The main selling point with Strong Analytics is the impressively comprehensive AI, which can assist in automating plenty of processes. In fact, with enough data coming in this system can analyze an emails response, make changes accordingly, and then send a follow-up, all automatically.

    Design and Ease of Use

    You can use these options to assist with message creation.

    Drag and Drop Interface

    It isn’t clear whether this feature is supported

    Landing page creator 

    There’s no mention of landing pages on the official website

    Email templates 

    You’re able to generate email templates based on previous messages

    Sign up forms within newsletter tool (opt in-opt out process)

    There’s no information on signup forms either


    As there are so many different options with this provider, there’s no way to have a clear idea of pricing. Each purchased plan will be different, depending on what's included, and so for even a ballpark figure, you'll need to begin the application process.

    Customer Service

    You can contact customer service on 312 300 1113, or by email at


    Strong Analytics has some quite amazing options for using its impressive AI, and services some of the world’s most popular websites. However, for many, this might be overkill, with such a huge range of options unrelated to email marketing, and you can only assume it will be an expensive service.

    If you were looking for an organization that can analyze your data and act upon it, but specializes in online marketing, try Send In Blue, where the services are more specific.