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Email marketing is a tool used in conjunction with many other business functions, and the ability to integrate this naturally into your business workflow is a good way to improve your efficiency. Here, I’ll be looking at, a multipurpose tool that’s built on this ideal. review
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    Written by Ria du Plessis - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated 9/5/2021

    What Is is an all-in-one service that aims to provide all the tools you need to grow your small-to-medium business under one platform. Their services include educational course builders, sales organization, and most importantly for you, email marketing.

    Pros & Cons



    • All-in-one tool
    • Small learning curve
    • Free plan
    • Mobile app
    • Subscriber limitations
    • No third party integrations


    • All-in-one tool - The biggest bonus for a platform like this is that you’re getting several services that you’d otherwise have to find separately. Having them all under one roof means you don’t have to waste time working out integrations for other compatible platforms
    • Small learning curve - Adopting a new system for multiple purposes can be daunting. Luckily, has a very user-friendly interface and a clean UI so after some messing around, you can get the ball rolling in no time at all. They also have a Facebook support group for general queries
    • Free plan - The free plan comes with all the features with limits on your monthly use for some functions. Unlimited email sending and an unlimited time to play around with their platform is a big plus, as it means you don’t have to jump into a paid plan blind
    • Course creation - A bit of a niche one here. allows you to design and publish courses and webinars on advanced plans with their built-in tool, which will then integrate with your sales funnels, email marketing automation, and website. It’s laughably easy to implement!


    • Subscriber limitations - Of the 4 plans available to pick from, you can only add a maximum of 15,000 contacts at the top end of pricing. This could automatically turn away those with larger subscriber pools and could limit the scalability of growing businesses
    • No third-party integrations - I get it. If you’re making an all-in-one platform, the whole idea is that you don’t need to integrate with external applications and services. Still, it could be a bit annoying if you’re already familiar with other platforms that won’t be compatible

    Who Is Recommended For?

    The emphasis on webinars and course creation as features makes this a great tool for those providing an educational learning service. The many tools on offer also make this a top choice for smaller businesses wanting an easy-to-implement, integrated system without stretching the pocket too much.

    Who Is Not Recommended For?

    Larger businesses will find themselves hindered by limitations on the number of contacts available on top plans. The fact that this is an all-in-one tool means that you’ll inevitably have to learn the ins and outs before being able to go forward, and the help documentation leaves a lot to be desired. Not ideal if you want to get going straight away.

    The lack of third-party integrations could be off-putting for those with prior subscriptions to other services they might want to implement. Pricing










    Usage limitations on features





    Custom domain, less usage limitations on features





    Webinars, even less usage limitations on features





    Unlimited feature usage, free migration

    All price plans are split up by the number of contacts you’re sending to every month, with the increasing availability of feature usage across each plan. On a free account, you can create 1 A/B test and 1 Automation, which will then increase incrementally up to unlimited usage on the Enterprise plan.

    Cancellation / Refund Policies

    There’s nothing that addresses any policy around refunds, leading me to believe that there isn’t anything currently in place. This isn’t a big issue as you can pay monthly for less commitment. All cancellation requests are dealt with separately by contacting the support team, after which you’ll get confirmation of your cancellation. Features

    If I go in-depth about all the features on offer with this platform, you might be reading all day! So I’ve hand-picked some of the best features that go hand-in-hand with your email marketing needs for a quick overview.

    ·       Ease of Use

    First and foremost, has a great interface for even the least tech-savvy of people. Most tools are built around drag-and-drop functionality and editable templates, giving you a base to work from and understand how everything works. 

    ·       Sales Funnels

    A sales funnel guides a potential buyer through all stages of the purchasing process.’s sales tool means that you can activate email events through a series of triggers to fully automate this process and ultimately improve your ROI.

    Sales Funnels

    ·       Mobile Optimization

    Your cloud-based central hub is accessible from any device with a web browser and internet access. The display is optimized for clear viewing and quick navigation, so you can access all your business information from anywhere at the tip of your finger!

    ·       A/B Testing

    With this feature, you can try multiple campaigns at once, gain insights into which is most effective, then send the best version to your remaining contacts to ensure a better interaction rate. This is available on all plans with limitations on the number of times you can use it per month.

    A/B Testing

    ·       Course/Webinar Creator

    A built-in editor allows you to create whole online courses over multiple modules and lectures. Once you’ve got a class made, you can automate sign-ups and feed this into a drip marketing campaign to launch each class on a specific schedule.

    Course/Webinar Creator

    ·       Contact Management has just one contact list for all your subscribers with each contact obtaining certain tags, which you can set up with automation to then filter from. This is a lot easier than having multiple lists, in my opinion. You can track every move a customer has made since initially joining your subscriber pool too, from what they’ve bought to which emails they interact with most.

    ·       Email Designer

    The email creation tool comes in the form of a visual or text editor. The visual editor has a drag-and-drop function, but you’ll find your creative options are quite limited. There are only 2 very basic templates to go by from what I experienced, which are underwhelming compared to other tools.

    Email Designer

    FEATURES SCORE: 4/5 Automation Features

    With, you’re able to automate all sorts, from the start of your customer's journey, right till the end. 

    Email marketing automation - You can direct customers from an initial campaign or landing page through sales funnels on signup. Different tags can be applied that will automatically sort customers into different campaigns, which is especially useful in the context of a business that provides a number of classes.

    Course / Webinar automation - Ensure your learners are consistently being delivered the correct material at the right time from the start of their course to the end by directing them through drip campaigns triggered from the moment signup takes place. Software Integration

    With, all the integrations occur internally. This means there are currently no options to integrate with third-party apps and external services. The purpose behind creating this all-in-one platform for multiple business needs is to be gone with all those annoying configurations and integrations.

    Included features allow you to capture leads, create marketing campaigns, sell products and funnel sales, with creative tools for multiple uses. All of these operate within one system, which means they’re all already optimized to work together with no hiccups. Alternative Brands

    Constant Contact - For a powerful tool for ecommerce marketing and management, Constant Contact has a well-rounded set of features. Upload your contacts with multiple methods, then design, automate and track your emails with effective campaigns.

    Hubspot - Having all your systems operate from one central hub is a sure way to make sure you’re operating at peak efficiency, and this platform does just that. From the Marketing Hub, you can perform effective campaigns, synced with other functions for a fluid flow of information.

    Omnisend - Built with your ecommerce needs in mind, this tool will do all the heavy lifting for you so you can concentrate on growing your business. Automate processes to engage new customers and win back others with advanced automation and creative email designs.


    If your initial plan when researching was to find a platform where you can control all aspects of managing and delivering sales, or online courses more specifically, this tool could offer a solid solution.

    If you’re just wanting a tool to just conduct email marketing campaigns, you’ll definitely find some limitations here, especially with creative design choices and subscriber limitations.