Wishpond Review - Email Marketing Made Simple

What’s considered a good email marketing tool can differ depending on who you ask. If you put simplicity near the top of your wishlist when searching for a new tool, you might want to take a look at Wishpond.

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    Written By Henry Walden - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/05/2021

    What Is Wishpond?

    From the moment you capture a new lead to building a loyal customer, Wishpond gives you the tools you need for every step of the journey. Don’t be put off when I mention that simplicity forms the building blocks of this platform - here, you’ll be given a rich set of features to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level.

    Wishpond Pros & Cons



    • Easy migration
    • Multiple users
    • Simple tools
    • Trial only available with annual contract
    • Limited customer support


    • Easy migration - On signing up with Wishpond, you’ll be given the option of migration support, totally free! They’ll transfer all your data including contacts, emails and landing pages for a smooth transition. They’ll try to accommodate you regardless of where you’re moving from
    • Multiple users - A massive plus for those working in teams. A subscription to this platform comes with multi-user access so you can collaborate on designs and work on your campaigns together. You can also set specific permissions for each added user.
    • Simple tools - I loved how easy it was to create my own email designs, forms and landing pages from the in-house builders. Simple tools mean time saved, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality too. The design features are still solid in functionality


    • Trials only with the annual contract - Before joining a paid plan, you can request a sign-up to a 14-day free trial. But there’s a catch! You can only access this trial if you input your card details and you’re automatically pushed onto a 12-month contract if you forget to cancel the trial or go over the limit
    • Limited customer support - If you look across other reviews, you’ll find that people’s experience with customer support has been a mixed bag. When I tried to request more information on pricing and a demo using the integrated chat plugin, I didn’t even receive a response. Not exactly the best start

    Who Is Wishpond Recommended For?

    Those looking for a hassle-free transition onto a tool that doesn’t come with a massive learning curve will really benefit from this software and associated onboarding sessions. 

    With a focus on lead generation, this also becomes a powerful tool for growing and maintaining an active and engaged contact list.

    Who Is Wishpond Not Recommended For?

    I’m the kind of person who likes to see everything available to me before I jump in with my money, but that becomes difficult here. A 14 day trial with a limit of just 20 leads (anything over and you’re locked into a 12-month contract) isn’t really enough to gauge performance, and the price guide is only available in the depths of their website. 

    Wishpond Pricing




    Notable Features

    Starting Out



    Custom landing page, promos + contests 

    Everything You Need



    A/B testing, API access

    Rapid Growth



    Priority support, implementation coach



    The Wishpond pricing page is quite hard to find initially. They seem to have one page which requests a consultation, but another tucked away that does actually detail their plans. I’ve managed to put together a quick overview so you can see what each plan offers. Be wary that prices might change after consultation with a sales rep. 

    The above prices are per year and give you a substantial discount from the month-by-month payment model. Speaking of the annual subscription, this is the payment option that’s enabled by default if you sign up for a free trial and will automatically transfer if you don’t cancel.

    Cancellation / Refund Policies

    A 50% credit refund will be issued if you decide to cancel your annual contract within 2 months of purchase and your lead list doesn’t exceed 50. For the free trial, you’ll have to request your cancellation within 5 days of the expiration date if you don’t want to be charged for the annual subscription.

    You have the handy option to “Pause” your plan at $9/month, where your details and data will stay active but you won’t have access until you unpause.

    Wishpond Features

    Wishpond has a range of different features for lead generation, contact list management and marketing with a focus on being simple to understand and easy to use. Here I’ll be taking a look at some stand-out features and their capabilities.

    ·       Ease of Use 

    First and foremost, the ethos that this platform is based on. The simple tools, user-friendly UI and option of free onboarding make this a really easy platform to start using straight away. If you’re concerned with wasting time setting up, migrating and learning a whole new bit of software, this could be a big selling point.

    ·       Landing Pages 

    With the intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you’re able to create sleek, professional pages in line with your branding to direct customers to. You’ll be given a number of templates to get your basic structure sorted. With their integration capacity, you’re able to post this landing page anywhere, from your WordPress site to your Facebook page. 

    Landing Pages 

    ·       Social Promotion & Contests 

    A great way to engage with new and existing contacts is to give incentives for rewards. Who doesn’t love a freebie? Wishpond allows you to make eye-catching pages on your own with little knowledge and will even run them for you so you don’t have to lift a finger. You can even include referral schemes to these for a better chance of winning, letting your customers do the marketing for you!

    Social Promotion & Contests 

    ·       Templates 

    Wishpond allows you to make professional-looking pages on your own with little knowledge. Your customers will end up thinking you have a whole team of designers behind you! Editable templates are available for email campaigns, opt-in forms, landing pages and competition promos allowing you to work from a base where you can start to establish consistent branding across multiple functions.


    ·       Personalized Email 

    Opt-in forms will come with different fields for new subscribers to fill. These fields can trigger an individual welcome campaign based on which values were entered. This is a useful feature if you’re offering a range of products to different customers, as it enables you to target the right people with the right products.

    ·       Automatic Lead Transfer 

    If you’re operating with larger lists, potential hot leads could go under the radar before they’re picked up on, by which time it might be too late! With this feature though, hot leads will be targeted automatically and their details transferred to your sales team so you can take quick action and increase the chances of a sale.

    ·       Contact List Management 

    Sending campaigns to dead leads can damage your sending reputation and also waste money. Wishpond’s cleanup system makes this a non-issue by removing unresponsive leads from your lists automatically. Your contact lists are groupable with segmentation, whether that be by gender, loyalty or newcomers to name a few.


    Wishpond Automation Features

    Another place where Wishpond really shines is with their automation tool. With this, you’re able to easily send personalized nuanced sequences of emails with multiple outcomes that allow you to create flexible drip campaigns. Emails can be triggered by events, with practical uses such as cart abandonment reminders or follow-up emails for a new purchase.

    By using the information leads provided on sign-up, you can trigger different campaigns based on characteristics to target your customer with relevant material. Target a person whose interests include fitness with some new training shoes, or suggest some nice dresses to a new female subscriber. If there’s no interaction, you can automate a removal from your list to make sure you’re not wasting any time.

    Wishpond Automation Features

    Wishpond Software Integration

    With a large list of third-party integrations available, you can adopt this software into your existing arsenal with little to no hassle. There’s a dedicated team who’ll even sort this out for you if, like me, you’d rather not have to concentrate on the techy stuff.

    Whether you want to connect to other CRM tools, email marketing software, ecommerce, analytics, there’s a range of partners to choose from. With Zapier integration, you’re able to extend this capability to other non-partnered platforms and set up “If __ then __” automations to relay information and processes between different pieces of kit.

    Wishpond Alternative Brands

    MailerLite - Another company that offers a simple bit of kit to start conducting your email campaigns with ease is MailerLite. By stripping back to the basics, they give you everything you need to start building leads and engaging with customers without a hefty price tag.

    AWeber - For small businesses looking to extend their marketing capabilities, this tool might be one to look into a bit more. Also offering capabilities such as landing page designers, advanced analytics and contact list management, you’ll be covered in a number of areas.

    EmailOctopus - Another no-nonsense tool, here you’ll get all the essential features you need to conduct effective marketing campaigns without all the extras which can often make a platform feel bloated. With affordable price plans for different purposes and excellent customer service, you’ll be getting yourself a good deal.


    And that takes us to the end of this review! I can safely say that if you’re looking for an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement tool for email marketing, Wishpond will tick a lot of those boxes for you. 

    Freedom of design and multiple ways to capture new leads makes this especially powerful when it comes to expanding your contact list and marketing relevant content. Hopefully, by now, you’ve gained some insight into whether this is the right tool for you!