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    The Best Email Marketing Tools That Cost You Absolutely Nothing

    Email Marketing Tools

    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/06/2021

    Coco Chanel is famous for saying, ‘the best things in life are free’. It rings true for email marketing because there are numerous tools for creating attractive messages that are available entirely for free. 

    From research to formatting, and designing, this article will reveal free tools you can use to generate captivating marketing messages from scratch. 

    Free Email Research Tools 

    The first step for building a successful campaign is content ideation. 

    Here are the top two tools for research: 

    • Feedly: An elite RSS reader application, Feedly is a free email marketing software It's useful for tracking the best content in the industry for resharing 
    • Scope: If an email caught your eye for its unique or creative look, use Scope to deconstruct it and make sense of its code  

    Free Email Design Tools 

    Design is as important as content when it comes to email. Take a look at five free design tools that can help your messages appear more attractive to the intended reader. 

    • BEE Free: This is the best drag-and-drop interface for making mobile-responsive content without even a signup 
    • Colorlib: Don’t have time to create your own HTML templates? Find them for free from this company  
    • PicResize: Stop using sophisticated tools like Photoshop for modifying pictures. Instead, use this easy resizing tool in tandem with the best free email marketing software
    • Free HTML Formatter: When you’re creating marketing messages with HTML, go for this product to tidy-up your code 
    • HTML To Email Text Converter: Use this complimentary service to transform design-rich messages into plain text

    Free Landing Page Building Tools 

    An effective landing page persuades readers to click on the offer you are presenting. Accordingly, here are the best tools to build these pages, all of which are are free of cost: 

    • Mailchimp: Popular for its free email marketing services, Mailchimp offers responsive templates, product promotion tools, and more with its landing pages. The best thing is you can also combine this lead generation tool with other marketing channels 
    • Xtensio: Edit many templates for several niches with real-time collaboration. Combined with the analytics tools, this a fine option for building high-conversion pages for your campaigns
    • Ucraft: Modify content using responsive templates for business, events, blog, fashion, agency, and more. This vendor is highly sought after for its convenient drag-and-drop builder 
    • OntraPort Pages: Known for its previous product called Ontrapages, this is an advanced tool for constructing landing pages. Its flexible publishing and tools for personalization, conversions, and tracking make it a sound choice 
    • Vertical Response: This service is all you need if you know nothing about graphic design. It offers several templates to customize your information along with SEO and insightful analytics 

    Free A/B Testing Tools 

    The following lists the top free email marketing tools for testing your body, subject line, deliverability, and so forth. 

    • PutsEmail: The complete testing package from Litmus to test your subject line and content body 
    • Mail-Tester: This tool helps you assess the rate of spamminess of your content  
    • SendForensics: Compare the performance, create warnings, and test your email deliverability with this helpful tool
    • CoSchedule Email Subject Line Tester: This will help you improve campaign results with great subject lines 
    • ZettaSphere: Use the split testing calculators to plan experiments with this testing tool. You can also determine significant statistics from your tests

    Free Email Delivery Tools 

    Seeking a free email delivery service to start delivering your messages? Check out the best service providers with top delivery features highlighted below. 

    Psychic Site
    • Sms marketing tools
    • Free courses and certifications
    • Flexible Plans
    $9.99 /m
    • Free plan with multiple features for bloggers
    • Email marketing tool for a great strategy
    • SendInBlue: Use this service for sending up to 300 emails per day with 70-free responsive templates and unlimited contacts. In addition, receive mobile-friendly tools, SMS marketing, and personalization here 
    • HubSpot: This platform offers thousands of free templates on its free plan with the option to send up to 2,000 emails per day. Users also receive forms, ad management, live chat, and messenger integration
    • Mailchimp: The limit of the contact list is 2,000 via the free package. Still, this package supports sending up to 12,000 emails every month along with seven email marketing channels
    • Mailerlite: With up to 12,000 messages permitted every month, users can manage up to 1,000 contacts here. Other top features of this vendor include landing page builder and A/B testing without paying a dime  
    • Benchmark Email: Although it permits only 250 messages every month for free, Benchmark Email is accompanied by many value-added tools. Additional perks include personalization, hundreds of templates, and unlimited subscribers

    Bottom Line 

    Start your email marketing tasks with the free research tools before proceeding to design tools and selecting a good landing page builder that offers responsive templates for free. Finally, shortlist multiple A/B testing tools, pick a delivery tool, and start spreading your messages free of cost.