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    Want Better Conversion Rates? Connect Facebook Ads And Email Marketing Today

    Facebook Ads And Email Marketing

    While email marketing offers the best ROI, bringing FB on-board changes the whole game. Read on to find why your business needs this collaboration and learn how to successfully synchronize the two. 

    Why Your Business Needs Both Email Marketing And Facebook Ads

    Cross-channel marketing with FB and emailing has a high potential to succeed because it aims at cold traffic. Moreover, Facebook’s statistics show that combining marketing channels increases the chance of a sale by 22%.


    How To Add Your Email List To Facebook Ads 

    The best way to get started with the hybrid model of ‘email and Facebook Ads’ is by uploading details of contacts who've opted-in for your messages. Once your list is ready, divide it into the two relevant sections, ‘Prospects’ and ‘Customers’.

    Find out how to connect Facebook ads and e-mail marketing with the following stepwise guide.

    1. Go to the ‘Audience’ tab and click on ‘Create Audience’ 


    1. Now, click on the ‘Custom Audience’ from the drop-down menu


    1. Select the ‘ Customer file’ and upload the file named ‘Customers’ in the CSV format  


    From here, you can go to the ‘Custom Audience’ tab to target this segment in a FB Ad. 

    Filter Your Email Lists 

    Whether you’re using Facebook for expanding or nurturing contacts, add the crucial traits and remove the unnecessary ones. 

    Here are other segments of customers to upload to the platform: 

    • New sign-ups: Those who are receiving welcoming emails or have signed up with you in the past one to two weeks 
    • Category or product segmentation: If you sell a wide range of products, divide consumers by their purchasing behavior 
    • Past buyers: Consumers who are currently sent re-engagement campaigns work well in winning-back trust via FB

    Keep in mind that you should only group a customer into one list to avoid any audience overlap. The best way to do so is by using the exclude option available on FB.


    Build Lookalike Audience Lists For Better Prospecting 

    FB users who are identical to your current buyers are called lookalike audiences. Once you upload the email list you currently own, Facebook can then use it to identify other users with similar interests or traits. 

    Here’s where to start with lookalike audience on FB:


    Click on the ‘Lookalike Audience’ under the ‘Audience’ tab and start filling in the following. 

    • Source refers to the ‘data set’ used by FB to detect and show you your lookalike buyers. Bear in mind that you’ll need at least a thousand messages and a hundred people to start 
    • Location specifies the geographic position of the target audience. For example, the country that you want to gather leads from or that which brings you the most customers
    • The size of consumers is a feature that lets you select 1% to 10% of the country you’ve selected previously. It’s important to remember that lower percentages yield the best results. 1% to 3% is a good average to start with 

    Drive Traffic To Your Website's Landing Pages 

    The best way to improve your conversion rate is by creating an ironclad landing page that can help you convert the FB leads into subscribers. You should build it specifically for this hybrid marketing campaign so that it engages users and converts them. 

    Here are a few things to remember: 

    • Collect relevant information via the opt-in form
    • Match the value proposition, theme, and design of the email 
    • Cut down on distractive visuals and pushy-language 
    • Send specific segments of contacts to different places 
    • Add interactivity. For instance, include a countdown timer to help create urgency 
    • Optimize the landing page for mobile users 

    To set it up, go to your FB Page and click on ‘Promote’. Then, select ‘Get More Website Visitors’ from the goals.


    Now add the URL you want to promote to your audience, tweak the format, choose from several CTA buttons, and define your target audience. 

    The Bottom Line 

    Facebook can help generate and nurture new leads, especially for business owners with dull email contact lists. You can easily combine the two platforms to find lookalike audiences.

    Merging your contacts with FB will also bring more traffic to your website via landing pages. Just remember to filter your lists. 

    Get started today.