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    How To Integrate Facebook With Your Email Marketing Efforts

    Integrate Facebook

    Strategic email marketing isn’t enough to convert customers today. You need to combine other popular mediums like social media to supplement your campaigns.

    With Facebook steadily increasing in popularity these days, the best thing to do is integrate it with your messaging strategies.

    Read on to find out the benefits of combining the social media giant Facebook with your email marketing content. 

    Benefits Of Integrating Facebook And Email Marketing

    While both FB and email marketing platforms work on their own, combining the two can amplify your overall profits. Take a look at the best perks of using this social media channel with your marketing messages.  

    • FB is a better medium than emailing to grow brand awareness 
    • New customers will find it easy to get to connect with your brand via your business profile on this channel
    • It’s an ideal channel for bonding with your customers via posts, likes, comments, videos, and so forth
    • Long-form content is effective on this platform
    • Pushy sales content isn’t frowned upon on this platform

    Ways To Integrate Facebook With Email Marketing 

    Pairing the best two marketing platforms is a surefire way to increase the success of your business as a whole. 

    The following are the best ways to do so.

    Include A Link To Your Facebook Page On Your Emails

    Adding a link to your social media profile in the email signature makes your customers connect with you via the other messaging platform. According to Sprout Social, 83% of consumers already use FB.

    Connecting your subscribers with FB opens up your daily posts, photos, weekly messages, and other content to users. 

    Allow People To Sign-Up For Emails On Facebook 

    Now that you’ve diverted the attention of your subscribers to Facebook, it’s time to captivate your FB followers to register for the email list too. This is because fans of your social media page might want to read your newsletter or keep in touch via email. 

    You can start by adding a signup form on your official social media page like an exclusive landing page. It’ll help you direct off-FB-leads to your emails.

    Run Targeted FB Ads To Convert Leads Into Website Traffic 

    The next best way to integrate your marketing messages with the social media platform is by using its superb targeting tools. This means that you can send the right content to customers unlike on other channels. 

    Marketers can create ad campaigns on this platform to attract new leads. Here’s how to do it:

    • Go to navigation
    • Hit ‘promote’
    • Build the campaign as per preferences
    • Set the goal as ‘get more site visitors’ 
    • Add the URL of your website 
    • Tweak the ad format 
    • Publish it 

    Run A Email Campaign To Promote Your Facebook Page 

    If you’re a new business with an even-newer FB profile page, it’s important to get followers before you can start creating marketing content for them. The best way to do so is by producing email campaigns with the precise goal of acquiring FB leads, likes, and shares. 

    For starters, move up the Facebook icon from below the message content to the top of the message. This way, fewer readers will miss it. Ensure that the social media button or link has a customized CTA that asks for FB likes.

    Share Email Newsletters On Facebook Posts 

    Instead of generating new content every day, reuse the messaging content on Facebook and vice-versa. For example, find the most popular message content and reshare it with the platform’s audience. You can also repurpose the popular posts or statuses into email newsletters. 

    Another smart technique is to use the social media app to test your pictures, other new content, and strategies before applying it for emails. You can also reverse it by testing new FB campaigns on the messaging service at first too. 

    Create Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages And Promote Them On Facebook 

    With 77% of FB users accessing the app via their mobile devices, it’s important to optimize your promotional content such as landing pages for mobile users. 

    It’s true that most landing page builders come with automatic optimization for mobile customers. However, you’ll need to persistently test it to avoid glitches. Constant testing of landing pages that you’re promoting is crucial so that it works without fail. 

    Bottom Line 

    Integrate Facebook and email marketing to improve brand awareness, increase sales, and create connections with your readers.

    You can also share the link to your profile via email and create email sign-up forms via FB. Remember to keep the social media link above the email to capture maximum leads. 

    If you need to increase your amount of followers on this platform, run a special message campaign right away. 

    You can also run highly relevant ads on the social media site to help drive traffic to your site. You’ll also want to interchange the content between both platforms. Lastly, optimize your landing pages for mobile users and you’re all set.