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    Email Marketing For Fashion Brands

    Fashion Brands

    Whether you’re targeting CEOs, architects, or college students, fashion is important for many people. While it’s for everyone, you can’t pitch to every one of the 4.57 billion internet users – no matter what type of store you own.

    One viable channel for captivating online users and turning them into loyal customers is via email marketing. Amongst other perks, the best fashion newsletters can boost the ROI of your brand by 4400%, spur sales, build long-term relationships, and create brand loyalty. 

    The Best Email Marketing Services For The Fashion Industry 2020

    Provider Site
    • Free plan with multiple features for bloggers
    • Sms marketing tools
    • You can book a demo

    Top Email Marketing Solutions With Fashion Newsletter Templates 

    Before you finalize the best email service provider for a fashion-based audience, it’s important to contrast the top ESPs against one another. You should also go through the fashion email marketing examples to know your options inside-out.

    From exclusive features like customizable fashion newsletters to sending time optimization and email editors, we compared the best three services to find out how each provider fits fashion brands of all shapes and sizes. 


    One of the biggest collections of custom templates for fashion, MailerLite began as a web design agency back in 2005. You can create messages on this platform using the drag-and-drop editor, the custom HTML editor, or the rich text editor. Importing contacts is easy on your own, and you can do so by copy-pasting from Excel or directly adding from TXT or CSV.

    The best thing is MailerLite allows personalization of the sending-time, content, sender address, preheader text, and the subject line for custom fields. Users additionally can automate personalized messages as well as use dynamic content blocks in their promotional content. 

    Fashion marketers will find MailerLite excellent for customizing segments by interests, engagement, behavior, signup form, location, and combination of segments. Beginners needn’t worry about getting stuck because it’s easy to contact their support team through live chat and email. 


    • Free for up to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails 
    • $10.00 per month for 1,000 subscribers and unlimited emails 
    • $15.00 every month for up to 2,500 subscribers
    • $30.00 each month for up to 5,000 subscribers 
    • $50.00 monthly for up to 10,000 subscribers 


    • 32 custom fashion newsletter templates 
    • Drag-and-drop editor 
    • Mobile responsive templates 
    • Custom fields personalization  
    • Import contacts automatically or manually
    • Real-time subscriber filter tool
    • Customized segmentation 



    The best solution for Startups working on fashion email marketing, Sendinblue comes with three design tools, just like MailerLite- rich text editor, HTML editor, or drag-and-drop editor. Its intuitive interface for showing content blocks based on conditions is excellent for adding your subscribers’ contact details directly in the message. 

    Sendinblue tops the list for dynamic personalization, which uses information on contacts to set rules that show different sections of the message based on user behavior. For example, the message will automatically add products by the favorite color of the subscriber. 

    While there aren’t many strictly-fashion templates on Sendinblue, you’ll find their 70+ customizable templates easy to modify. Segmentation based on interests, purchase history, past engagement, location, social and economic traits is also available on this platform. 


    • Free for 300 emails per day
    • Lite at $25.00 every month for up to 100,000 emails
    • Premium at $65.00 each month for up to 1,000,000 emails
    • Enterprise plan at custom rates 


    • Customizable templates 
    • Mobile-friendly message builder 
    • Dynamic content 
    • Advanced contact segmentation 
    • Contact database attributes 
    • Unlimited space for contacts and their details



    Fashion eCommerce owners will find SendX excellent for segmenting contacts based on interest groups. An even better advantage is you can send automated messages with these interest segments. Creating tags for subscribers is possible automatically based on rules or manually too. 

    The best thing about SendX is it sends emails to contacts based on their potential likelihood of opening the message because this ESP tracks their open behavior. Accordingly, it can help you schedule campaigns based on the same behaviors for maximum open rates. 

    When it comes to custom templates for fashion, SendX has one template specifically for the fashion demographic. Additionally, it also offers 20+ free email newsletter templates, which you can modify and use when making promotional content for customers in the fashion industry. 


    • Up to 1,000 contacts: $7.49 every month
    • Up to 2,500 contacts: $14.99 per month
    • Up to 5,000 contacts: $29.99 each month
    • Up to 10,000 contacts: $44.99 monthly 
    • Up to 15,000 contacts: $59.99 every month 


    • One custom fashion template 
    • What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Editor 
    • Tag-based personalization 
    • Individualized subscriber lists
    • Segment preferences 
    • Import contacts by drag-and-drop or CSV


    How To Create an Engaging Fashion Newsletter? 

    Creating a fashion newsletter isn’t rocket science and doesn’t even require programming knowledge. Moreover, it’s easy to start building them using the editors available on popular ESPs today. 


    1. Click on campaigns and select the type of campaign you want to run
    2. Choose a template, build your own, or use pre-designed email blocks 
    3. Customize the fields with details using the drag-and-drop editor
    4. Link your fashion products with the ESP
    5. Target the segment of audience dynamically 
    6. Insert social media posts directly into the email 
    7. Personalize the message with the name of the subject, industry, job title, location, or based on other relevant choices 
    8. Import your contacts to create relevant segments 
    9. Track newsletter history to view old versions or new changes 
    10. Schedule the time for sending the message 


    1. Head to ‘Campaigns’ and click on ‘Create an email campaign’
    2. Setup the campaign by adding a name, subject, from address and name 
    3. Design using your choice of editor or head over to the template library 
    4. Pick the design blocks from the column on the left when building your own
    5. Personalize the message using original content, graphics, and theme colors
    6. Add selected blocks into the email template design 
    7. Click on the ‘pencil icon’ to modify elements like font, color, and other options 
    8. Add the recipients based on segmentation for creating targeted messages 
    9. Send a test mail to ensure all the information appears exactly how you want 
    10. Click on ‘Schedule’ displayed in green color on the top-right area of the screen 


    1. Click on ‘Campaigns’ 
    2. Hit up ‘New Newsletter’
    3. In the ‘Sender’ step, the name of the campaign, from address, and name are set  
    4. Select a relevant template made by you or pre-designed by SendX
    5. Head over to the ‘Content’ stage to add the matter of the message, graphics, social links, and other important blocks to your message 
    6. Click on ‘Send Test’ once you’re done 
    7. Pick recipients from categories such as Lists, Tags, or Segments
    8. Add any recipients you want to avoid sending the mail under ‘Exclude contacts’
    9. Schedule the email based on a preset time
    10. Alternatively, click on ‘Send now’ to dispatch it to subscribers right away

    Fashion Newsletter Design 

    While some marketers might say ‘welcome emails’ are crucial for onboarding new users, others might argue that double opt-in is critical. The truth is, marketers need to create a checklist of all important things necessary in a fashion newsletter design to make it work today. 

    • Offer an incentive to subscribers for signing up, such as a discount code or coupon 


    • Opt for a flyer style of balance between your images and text 


    • FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out is an excellent strategy to drive open rates based on the subject line alone 


    • Emojis drive up open rates by 56%, and it’s a great way to engage your readers quickly

    URL: (email delivered to personal account)

    • Increase brand awareness with curiosity-inducing emails to tell a story and provide exciting sneak-peeks 


    Best Practices for Fashion Email Marketing Campaigns 

    Creating a good fashion email newsletter requires knowledge and experience. But if you lack the latter, some tips can help you create successful campaigns in minutes. 

    1. Keep It Up To Date 

    One of the crucial things that set apart winning fashion email campaigns is relevancy. It’s vital to ensure your campaign contains more than just a random string of product recommendations. For example, you can recommend your bestseller woolen jacket or windbreaker to subscribers experiencing snow or rain based on their location. 


    You can also include the latest trends this week, upcoming holidays, or current events to create reactive email campaigns for your fashion store online. 

    2. Don’t Overlook Content

    Yet another way to go above and beyond the usual is by offering something substantial to readers. Instead of working with the same format every time, share links to landing pages of your evergreen content in the email. 


    Buttons such as ‘shoe finder’ or ‘bra finder’ in the above example take subscribers to separate landing pages with interactive content that helps them find the perfect shoe or bra. Such a fashion campaign teaches users a new way to uncover the store’s ideal product based on sizes, likes, and dislikes. 

    3. Become A Consultant

    Sharing your bestsellers with a new customer might end up being fruitful, but repeating that strategy every time is bound to fail sooner than later. Boring, irrelevant, and repetitive content is why 59% of email users hit unsubscribe today.

    Instead of being just a catalog of random products, strive to be a fashion ambassador. You can start by educating your readers on prominent trends, latest styles, expert tips, and shortcuts for looking fabulous. Link it with a discount offer, and you’ve got loyal customers pouring in. 

    Such a strategy increases overall sales and keeps the reader coming back for your fashion advice because they start accepting you as an authority in the long run.


    4. Aim To Increase Order Value

    While trying to pique interest, fashion brands mostly end up being out-of-context in their emails. You can put an end to this by putting together ‘complete looks’ for subscribers. For example, you can create an outlook built by matching clothes, shoes, and other accessories from your store at a lower price. 

    Whether you create the above based on wish lists or your customers’ search behavior, it’s bound to hit home. 

    Fashion marketers can also offer free shipping above a certain amount, such as $50 or $100, to increase the order per customer’s total value. Another bright idea is to offer coupons where recipients get a percentage off of their future purchases.


    5. Go For Personalization

    Based on the attributes you’ve collected about contacts, personalize the promotional messages. Moreover, customers don’t even find it annoying because over 70% want businesses to use their personal information to improve their shopping experience.

    For example, you can wish ‘Happy Birthday’ to contacts for whom you’ve collected ‘date of birth’ details. When sending birthday wishes, attach a discount code too. This strategy is a proven method as such messages rake in 5x more transaction rates than typical mass messages. 

    An Experian study also notes that gift codes with ‘$ABC Off’ resulted in the highest transaction rate and sales per email in comparison with free shipping, points-based, or percentage-based presents. To boost the results even further, use segmentation based on age and gender. 


    Invest in Customer Retention

    Statistics show that it costs five times more to acquire new customers as opposed to retaining old ones. On top of it, keeping 5% of customers can drive up profits by up to 95%. One way to maintain existing prospects is by sending them discount codes with persuasive content. 


    You can reward customers who shop regularly or set up a loyalty program for the same. Another brilliant solution is to hit them up when you launch new products or restock the inventory. When attempting customer retention, segment your contacts, keep the subject line clear, and share high-quality photos to drive results. 

    Bottom line 

    Fashion email marketing isn’t complex until you skip out on responsive templates offered by most ESPs and best practices common to the industry. Marketers can create templates or tweak predesigned ones based on the preferences of target audiences today. 

    To get the best results, keep track of the campaign results to analyze and monitor what works. This effort will help you decide on the best font, colors, format, layout, design, and even time for scheduling the messages. 


    1.   Where can I look for fashion newsletter design inspiration?

    The best place to look for new ideas for your fashion eCommerce newsletters are templates offered by your email service provider. As most templates are responsive, professional-looking, and free, you can create attractive fashion newsletters in a few minutes. Go through different content blocks and modify it to make use of the functions to the fullest too. 

    2.   Can I download fashion newsletter templates for free?

    Yes, many design services offer free fashion templates for free. You can download them without paying anything after verifying their legitimacy and compatibility with your ESP. 

    3.   Should a good fashion newsletter include gifts or coupon codes?

    A good fashion newsletter often includes discount coupons or gift vouchers to motivate users to make purchases with you. Whether it’s an old customer or a new one, it’s always good to use such incentives. 

    4.   On which days and time is it best to send a fashion newsletter?

    While the perfect time for your audience might be different from the universal standards, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the best days for sending promotional emails. Additionally, the best time to reach subscribers is from 13:00 to 15:00 and 09:00 to 11:00.