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    4 Ways To Nurture Leads When You Don't Have Adequate Bandwidth

    lead generation

    With only 4% of website visitors ready to buy, nurturing leads is the best long-term plan for keeping your finances in balance. 

    However, what do you do when you don’t have any time or resources? Read on to find out why lead generation is crucial for email marketing. Additionally, learn four ways to nurture prospects when you don’t have any bandwidth. 

    Why Lead Generation Should Be On Top Of Your List? 

    Lead generation is the process of convincing a possible customer to do the desired action such as signing up with your newsletter. Part of this process is called lead nurturing. This is where you send automated messages to customers based on where they’re in the lifecycle journey. This step can improve sales by up to 50%, according to Jumplead. 

    While this may not be necessary for a freelance web designer with long-term clients, it’s crucial for most B2B businesses.  

    Ways To Nurture Leads With Minimal Bandwidth 

    Now that you know how crucial this strategy is for growth regardless of what you’re selling, it’s time to find out how to do so without vital resources like bandwidth or time. 

    Gather Leads On Platforms Like LinkedIn 

    It’s best you begin with an understanding that making a sale right away isn’t important. Your ultimate goal in this step is to remain open to prospects who might be interested in you. 

    LinkedIn is considered the best for B2B marketers. This is because it’s responsible for 80% of leads generated through social media, according to the Content Marketing Institute. This platform allows you to sell your skills without being too pushy about it. 

    Here’s how: 

    • Connect with current or potential prospects on LinkedIn
    • Go to professional pages to connect like-minded people or to build a network  
    • Create highly engaging content. People will then come to you with an intent to buy


    Implement An Automated CRM Software 

    Customer relationship management is another must-have program. It's an automated system that keeps you up-to-date with prospects. It works by tracking possible customers and streamlining all the lead generation processes in one place. 

    Automated CRM also comes with alerts and produces quick responses. Therefore, even if you have the smallest amount of bandwidth, it’s easy to get by. 

    Here are two options to look at:

    • Salesforce CRM comes with advanced functionalities like collaboration and analytics in addition to automation 
    • HubSpot offers paid and free CRM solutions. It's excellent for tracking possible customers and locating their position in the lifecycle stage


    Set-up Autoresponder Lead Funnels

    A script that automates the email replies is called an email autoresponder. The automatic process is ideal for keeping the contacts moving through the sales funnel. This way, you can focus on clients who need your direct assistance.

    For instance, consider if you were to offer an invoice factoring app on a free trial basis. Lead generation happens when users download it on this trial. While some users buy the premium version right away, others might need nurturing with an autoresponder funnel as demonstrated below. 

    • Send the first email welcoming users and showing them how to get started
    • Talk about advanced features in the second email and how it benefits users financially in the long-run 
    • Use the third email to show predictions of what they can save by using the product. Moreover, demonstrate how to get started with invoice factoring 

    Here’s an example: 


    Make Use Of Retargeting Campaigns 

    Remarketing or retargeting refers to collecting and using the information on users to enhance the results, especially during personalization. 

    Here’s an example from Food Panda for users who exited the app without buying.


    Retargeting campaigns can help you pave the way for possible customers. This method can inspire them to take the desired action. To make use of this technique, you can use PPC platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. 

    Automated remarketing campaigns take the responsibility off your shoulders. It’ll also help you stay relevant in the minds of the customers so that they’re more likely to pounce on an attractive offer next time you present one. 

    The Bottom Line 

    Lead nurturing when you don’t have bandwidth is doable once you understand how crucial this process is to businesses today. Start by gathering prospects from places like LinkedIn. Next, use an automated CRM program, create autoresponder funnels, and use retargeting to stay relevant in your customer’s minds.