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    PieSync Integration Tool With Sendinblue And More Apps

    Two-way customer data sync is a must in today’s agile- fast moving environment. Being able to to have customer information synced across all devices and platforms is critical.

    Just the simple thought of manually having to import and export contact lists is daunting. It’s not only time consuming, but it's extremely inefficient and does not allow for data-driven decision-making. Additionally, the element of human error comes into play.

    That’s why the PieSync integration tool with SendinBlue is a great solution for synchronizing information. 

    It lets you sync your contacts both ways and process new and historical information in real-time so you’ll never miss a beat. 

    New PieSync Functions

    The goal of using the PieSync integration is to boost your productivity and save you hours on tedious data entry tasks. 

    The company is constantly coming out with new features to make sure your two-way contact syncing is always up to par and that you have best user experience. 

    They also focus heavily on customization because they know that companies need to collect different types of data. 

    This is actually one of the main reasons the collaboration between the two services was formed. 

    Check out the latest features they added that make synchronizing your contacts much more efficient:

    • Health Dashboard: See a detailed overview of your sync activity. 
    • Custom Fields Mapping: Gain the option to select the contact fields you want to sync between your applications.
    • If-This-Then-That Rules: Choose which contacts to sync and how you will sync depending on the specific attributes like lists, labels, tags and more.

    Why Syncing Is Crucial

    As you know, having the most up-to-date data available across all devices is important to a company's business efforts. It saves you headaches and valuable time you could have spent handling other pressing tasks. 

    There are a number of reasons why syncing your customer data across all platforms is important for your business. Here are the main benefits:

    • Importing & Exporting Should Be A Thing Of The Past - This often tedious task leaves room for human error. By automating these activities, you can be sure that when information changes in one place it updates in the others
    • Have Your Teams Work With The Same Information- If your teams are not working with the same tools and those tools don't communicate between each other, the information accessed is different. That can be a frustrating experience for a customer on the other end,
    • Segmentation Across All Your Tools- Use your segments based on interest or persona across all the tools and platforms you use. Using if-this-then-that rules can help you overcome any challenge.
    • Customer Data Enrichment- Aggregate all of the data on your customers from the different tools you use into one place to gain a more comprehensive view 

    How Sendinblue Users Can Benefit

    By now, you understand that the process of synchronizing information across all your tools is important for your business. 

    Still, how exactly does this benefit you as a SendinBlue customer?

    Whether you are using a lead generation tool, a customer support tool, a CRM tool, or any other tool for that matter, sync Sendinblue with it to make sure the information is updated in all places in real-time.

    Let’s dive into a few use cases as a SendinBlue user. First, if you are using a lead generation tool to detect hot leads, knowing information like if they are browsing your site right now can help to quickly convert them. 

    You can also sync SendinBlue and your phone’s address book to access the most up-to-date contact information. 

    Moreover, connect with your customer support tool to have a more complete view of tickets your clients submitted. Another use case is to sync it with your CRM tool to align your sales and marketing teams.

    The use cases are endless because SendinBlue integrates with so many other tools and apps. You can literally let your imagination run wild here and sync all different types of customer data. 

    How To Sync

    Getting started with PieSync is easy. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to two-way sync all types of data on your customers in no time:

    1. Start your free trial with PieSync
    2. Give authorization to Sendinblue 
    3. If needed, set up if-this-then-that rules
    4. Make sure the the contact fields that were mapped over by default 
    5. Set up an custom field you need to have synced
    6. Sit back and relax because you’ll never have import or export again

    Just note the free trial with PieSync lasts 14 days. After that, you’ll need to purchase the tool. 

    Bottom Line

    To sum it up, the PieSync integration with SendinBlue will provide you with the best way to sync customer data across all your platforms and tools. Not only does it allow your team to be more productive and efficient, but your customers will thank you for providing them with an outstanding experience.