FeedBlitz Review: Detailing Its Most Important 2021 Features

As a cloud-based online marketing-focused tool, FeedBlitz brags about being able to offer tailored solutions for all kinds of businesses. It markets itself as being dependable and this FeedBlitz review is my chance to confirm or deny all of that.

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    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/05/2021

    What is FeedBlitz?

    FeedBlitz represents a solution for companies and businesses that want to connect better with their audience through hand-crafted tools that touch all possible areas of interest. This United States-based company promises to deliver high quality over quantity and focuses on solutions and progress.

    FeedBlitz Pros & Cons



    • It has a 30-day free trial 
    • It is affordable
    • It has a nice onboarding procedure 
    • It offers reliable customer support
    • Even the free trial requires your card details
    • There is no free version available


    • It has a 30-day free trial: FeedBlitz offers its clients the possibility to sign up for a 30-day 100% free trial that has all the benefits of a paid plan so that everyone can try them and see whether or not the tool is for them and their business.
    • It is affordable: If I am to compare this platform with some of its competitors, I can definitely consider it a lot more affordable. Taking into account the high number of features it offers, it certainly seems like a good deal.
    • It has a nice onboarding procedure: The onboarding procedure is something that not many people think about when picking a marketing tool and then they complain that they felt lost and couldn’t use the platform. FeedBlitz provides new clients with tutorials, a knowledge base, and even a blog.
    • It offers reliable customer support: The customer support system on this platform is not only reliable and professional but also quick. Clients can ask for help via a live chat, e-mail, or phone.


    • Even the free trial requires your card details: One of the things that annoy me the most is being forced to enter your card details even if you only want to go for the free trial. FeedBlitz does that and it’s a very big downside, at least for me.
    • There is no free version available: This marketing platform doesn’t come with a free version. The only thing that you won’t have to pay for is the free trial. 

    Who is FeedBlitz Good For?

    • All sorts of businesses: FeedBlitz is the kind of e-mail marketing tool that can adapt to the needs of all sorts of businesses, irrespective of their size or type. Even the pricing is done so that any client can pick the exact number of subscribers they will use it for.
    • Clients who don’t want to spend too much: As I previously said, this platform is one of the most affordable on the market. This doesn’t mean that it lacks features, on the contrary. So, if you don’t want to spend too much, give it a shot.
    • Beginners: FeedBlitz is simple enough to use even if you are a complete beginner when it comes to these types of tools. Its UI is simple, even basic I might say, and therefore easy to learn in a short time.

    FeedBlitz isn’t Recommended For:

    • Clients who want a forever-free tool: In case you are someone who doesn’t want or cannot pay for an online marketing-focused tool, you might want to search for alternatives. FeedBlitz only provides a 30-day free trial but after that, you will be charged.

    FeedBlitz Pricing


    Number of subscribers

    Unlimited subscribers & lists

    Unlimited mailings & funnels

    Unlimited tagging & RSS feeds

    Small Business


















    It’s important to mention that these are just a few of the possible paid combinations that clients can pick from depending on their number of subscribers. You can always upgrade any of these plans and even choose the plan that offers you an unlimited number of subscribers for which you will pay extra.

    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    The platform can cancel any accounts at any time for whatever reason they consider just and fair. Clients can do the same thing and cancel their accounts whenever they want. Refunds will only be offered after thorough analysis by the platform and at its discretion. 

    FeedBlitz Features

    Most of the features that this online tool offers are focused on e-mail marketing and can certainly come in handy in case a business desires better growth marketing, a larger client base, more revenue, and better customer relationships.

    ·       Subscriber management

    Rating: 5/5

    Thanks to this feature, you can keep track of all of your lists while targeting them according to your goals. On the dashboard, you can see all of your subscribers’ actions, their number, and overall journey. This is truly helpful when it comes to personalizing campaigns and segmenting your audience for the best results possible. 

    ·       Advanced analytics


    The advanced analytics tool on FeedBlitz is a real-time one that can help you navigate the details of your campaigns and see what worked and what didn’t. Each e-mail and subscriber data is gathered in one place for easy access. Plus, clients of this platform are able to choose their metrics and filters so that they only receive the data that matters. 

    ·       Segmentation and tagging

    Rating: 4.9/5

    Segmenting your audience and only sending tailor-made e-mails that reach their target is the most helpful thing that you can do. Thanks to this tool, FeedBlitz allows you to collect data on your audience, split it, and then only send those e-mail that matter and at exactly the right time. You can also tag subscribers whenever you want through events or actions.  

    Segmentation and tagging

    This is how the features page on the official FeedBlitz website looks like

    ·       Signup forms customization

    Rating: 4.8/5

    This tool offers you the opportunity to customize your signup forms in order to attract new customers that want to be part of your community. These subscription forms are very easy to create and you can also add pop-ups or sidebars to design an attractive form that is also GDPR compliant.

    ·       E-mail marketing monetization

    Rating: 4.9/5

    FeedBlitz comes with a one-click ad insertion that permits you to make income each time someone opens one of your e-mails. You can also control exactly how many ads you’re putting in your messages. The only thing that you will need is a PayPal account to receive your passive income.

     E-mail marketing monetization

    These are the features that the FeedBlitz free 30-day trial offers

    FeedBlitz Automations

    E-mail automation allows you to create stronger and more lasting bonds with your subscribers. Besides that, it will save you a lot of time that you can spend doing other things that will benefit your business.

    • E-mail marketing automation: It doesn’t even matter what you call this tool, the important thing is that this platform allows you to automate e-mail sequences that can be occasional, follow-ups, funnels, etc. You can even test your e-mails before sending them to see what changes you can make.
    • Automated updates: This tool also allows you to automatically send alerts to your audience and inform them of the newest offers, events, etc. You can pick the schedule, customize the e-mail, and start posting on your website. Your subscribers will know where to look, thanks to these alerts.

    FeedBlitz Automations

    A look at the e-mail marketing automation page on FeedBlitz

    FeedBlitz Integrations

    The FeedBlitz integrations are many and definitely useful for your e-mail marketing campaigns and for growing your business. By connecting these apps, you open up a whole new world of possibilities that will save you time and make the job easier. Some of the integrations that this tool comes with are WordPress, Etsy, Blogger, Wix, iTunes, Shopify, Zapier, Slack, Square, and over 1,000 others.

    FeedBlitz Integrations

    Some of the most important integrations on FeedBlitz

    FeedBlitz Alternatives

    Mailerlite is a nice alternative for this platform in case you need similar features at an advantageous price and a free trial. The price for the most basic paid plan is $10 per month.

    Aweber represents another good e-mail marketing option for all kinds of businesses that want to deepen their connection with their subscribers. At only $16.15/month, this tool does its job very well.

    Sendinblue is also a good option if you want something a bit more complex at $25/month as the lowest price. It has a wide range of features, is easy to use, and can definitely help any business grow.


    To wrap it all up nicely, FeedBlitz is without a doubt a good choice if you need an online e-mail marketing tool that’s accessible, modern, and easy to work with. It may not be the most advanced such platform but if you own a business that doesn’t have that many needs, I wholeheartedly recommend it.